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Welcome to Coastal mushroom!
Your home for Organic, Vegan and medicinal mushroom powders, hot cacao mix, mushroom gummy bears, growing supplies and more



Thank you for coming to visit us!

We very much appreciate you and understand that you can choose anywhere to purchase your mushroom goodies.

There have always been many choices available out there, and when we started our little Coastal Mushroom farm full time, which happened to be not to long before covid, we were very fortunate to have wonderful local support. Since that time we've changed directions more than once trying to keep up with what was most in demand as well as what our facilites would allow.

We're now very happy to offer a line of certified organic and vegan products that you can be assured are the best quality available. The mushrooms are grown fresh in amazing environments that are spotless and you can rest assured knowing that our product comes from the fruit of the mushrooms, not the mycelium blocks that many others produce from.

Please check back regularly as we are adding new things all the time. 

Coming soon are our new 10 mushroom extract gummy bears which contain 2500mg of mushroom goodness per serving. 

All of our products can be found on this site or if you would like to see everything in our etsy store there is a link 


Read more about some of the certification process here.

ISO 22000 certified process


Text or email us directly 

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